Wittchen Wallet

165.00 zł
  • Elegant WITTCHEN wallet - from natural slightly shiny leather, carefully finished, medium-sized
    KU logo embossed in the center 
    WITTCHEN logo embossed in the middle and on top
    Wallet available in black or red.
    Wallet in red, with dimensions 9cmx12cm, has:
    - A side pocket for coins, zip closure,
    - 2 pockets for bank notes,
    - 8 slots for credit cards,
    - 3 pockets.
    Wallet in black, with dimensions 9cmx11cm, has:
    - Internal pocket for coins, zip closure,
    - 2 pockets for bills, one zippered,
    - 3 slots for credit cards,
    - 2 pockets
    - Additional, removable insert into one of the pockets, with 2 additional spots for cards and 2 pockets. 
    Wrapped in a thick cardboard box with soft lining, branded with the Wittchen logo. 

Delivery: 7 days

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